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Welcome to Jack Reusen.co.uk Here you’ll find information about the Jack Reusen series of books by John Bray, along with details of his other work.

His latest book ‘Marcus‘ is a dark fantasy novel for readers aged twelve and up. It will be coming to print later in the year but you can pre-order a paperback copy now by clicking the ‘buy now’ button above.

Set in Crieff (in Perthshire, Scotland), this story weaves through the town’s past and present.

There is something very strange about Marcus, and James might be the only one who sees it. When James discovers an old WWII photo, he can’t believe his eyes; right at the front of the picture is Marcus. But will anyone else believe him? More to the point, will James get a chance to share what he’s found at all?

Read on for information about John’s fist books. Written for children aged eight years and up, John wrote these books specifically with reluctant readers in mind. The chapters are short and the stories pack a whole heap of adventure into a small package:


John’s first book is ‘Jack Reusen and the Fey Flame’: A chance event in a forest near Jack’s home opens his eyes to the world of ‘Fey’: a place filled with magic, enchantments, and with people and creatures unlike anything Jack has seen before.

It’s a great opportunity to get lost in another world. Girls that turn into polar bears, Jack’s school closed because of a peculiar beast causing havoc, and keep an eye out for the ‘war chicken’ (she wears a saddle). (click this link for the kindle edition, a paperback edition is also available, you can click this link for more details).


Jack Reusen and the Spark of Dreams‘ is the second book in the series and it continues where the Fey Flame left off.

What happens when people stop being able to dream? A city turning into zombies that’s what! Even worse someone seems to be controlling them. Can Jack stop a whole new type of magic? Will a girl who can turn into a bear and a huge owl-man be any match for a horde of mindless ‘sleepers’? You’ll have to read it to find out!


To follow the progress of the Jack Reusen series, read more of John’s work (including a full 1st draft of John’s newest book ‘Marcus’ (for 12 and up), and to find out about upcoming events and school book talks, follow John’s blog (use the link or click the ‘blog’ tab above).