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Here you’ll find information about John Bray’s ‘Jack Reusen’ series of books, along with details of his other work.

All of John’s books are available on Kindle and in paperback. You can click here find John’s author page on Amazon.co.uk (Or click here to find his author page on the US Amazon website)

Paperback copies are available from Fun Junction in Crieff and Perth, Scotland (if you’d like to ‘shop local’ in the Perthshire area).

Alternatively, you can purchase them from this site directly with FREE postage (unfortunately postage is only available for UK addresses at present).


Book 1: Jack Reusen and the Fey Flame

“A chance event in a forest near Jack’s home opens his eyes to the world of ‘Fey’: a place filled with magic, enchantments, and with people and creatures unlike anything Jack has seen before.”

‘Jack Reusen and the Fey Flame’ offers the reader the opportunity to get lost in another world. There are girls that turn into polar bears, Jack’s school is closed because of a peculiar beast causing havoc, and you should also keep an eye out for the ‘war chicken’ with a saddle.

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Book 2: Jack Reusen and the Spark of Dreams

“What happens when people stop being able to dream? A city turning into zombies that’s what! Even worse someone seems to be controlling them.

Can Jack stop a whole new type of magic? Will a girl who can turn into a bear and a huge owl-man be any match for a horde of mindless ‘sleepers’? You’ll have to read it to find out!”

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John’s latest book ‘Marcus’ (not part of the Jack Reusen Series):https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=68EXCQ8SEQDB8

An eerie whistle sounds behind you.
There’s no one there.
He’s hiding now. Hiding in your phone, in your tablet, your Kindle Reader…

Yep, ‘Marcus’ (John’s dark fantasy/horror novel for readers aged ten and up) is now available for the Kindle reader and the Kindle app for Android and Apple.

Suitable for readers aged 10 years and up. ‘Marcus’ follows a young boy, James, as he investigates the strange behaviour of a classmate, but his investigations take a dark turn one cold November night. Will James and his friends survive long enough to discover the truth about Marcus?

Pop over for a look now, click this link to find ‘Marcus’ on Amazon.co.uk. Alternatively, you can purchase your copy at either Fun Junction or here on the site (button below).


Keep up to date

John blogs regularly on this site. You can fn John’s blog by clicking the link (alternatively, you can click the ‘blog’ tab above). His blog follows the progress of the Jack Reusen books and offers samples of John’s work (you can even get the chance to read a full 1st draft of John’s newest book ‘Marcus’ (suitable for children aged 10 and up).

John also performs free author talks for schools and other groups. You can find out more about his school book talks by clicking this link. If you would like to contact John about a book talk for your school/group you’ll find information on how to reach him on the contact page.