What do you think the world would be like with no technology?

wpid-imag1141_1.jpgI’ve just had an idea for a possible theme/event in book three and I’d love to get some feedback. Right here’s the basic concept, something happens that knocks out all technology in the matter-world (our world) and in Fey (the magic world) for about half a day. This would be like a power-cut on steroids, basically any mechanism crafted by human hands would cease to work, even locks would fail.

Keeping in mind that this is a book for fairly young kids I’ll be avoiding talking about death as much as possible. I’m not saying that death shouldn’t be explained to and discussed with young children, I just personally think there are a sufficient number of authors who have already tackled the subject adequately.

I just want my characters to have an adventure so I won’t be pointing out the fact that life support machines, pacemakers etc. would all be disabled too, causing potentially instant fatalities.

I will however be touching on some of the other potential dangers e.g.  looting, prison breaks, and other potential hazards of losing technology (what people might do with no phones, no cars etc.). I’ll contrast this with how the loss would be felt in Fey (where their technology is a little antiquated). For example, in Fey ploughs might break, locks won’t work (so prisoners can escape there too), and some other bits and pieces may stop working but overall life will be fairly normal.

I’m fairly certain it’s going to be easy for me to forget about some things, for example, right this second I realised that there’s a risk of food shortage in our world caused by failing technology like freezers and refrigerators. With the high potential of me being absent-minded and missing some important detail, I’d love to hear some feedback from you.

It may be the case that I’ll need to scale the event down so as to allow less time to be spent on explaining it and more time to be spent on the adventure itself. If I go this way I’ll either make the duration less, or (the option that I’m more likely to go for) I’ll only let the event happen in Jack’s immediate vicinity (maybe a forty or fifty mile radius).

Any opinions are very welcome though, thanks for reading, Cheers, John

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3 thoughts on “What do you think the world would be like with no technology?

  1. mudpilewood

    It is a question that has crossed many of our minds, mine included. I think Children of all ages would be forced to step outside, encounter real people, real animals, sheep, cattle etc instead of staring at them on a Disney colored screen. Yes it does open a minefield of possibilities.
    \But in Jacks case to make it happen on a small county scale would be interesting. He would be faced with the challenge of having to get himself to the other side of the county without the aid of modern day technology. How to contact certain people without the use of a cell phone/mobile phone? Is the most obvious one to spring to mind.


    1. John the Toy Shop Guy Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. I think communication and transportation will definitely be major plot drivers. Would be nice to turn a fifty mile ‘trip’ into a ‘voyage’. I know what you mean about technology and children. This generation, more than any other, are growing up in an incredibly technological and interconnected world. I wonder if it could be a difficult thing for them to actually imagine a world without all that. What do you think?

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      1. mudpilewood

        I think they would tell you they will have no trouble adapting but actions speak louder than words. While coaching athletics in schools we were often met withthe words, “I throw javelin on the wee” but when I handed them a javelin often it slid a full five foot along the ground.
        So I think children today have no conception of committment or work, a sorry view I know but time and time again they are proving this statement is true.


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