The last Discworld book

Tiffany-Aching-Poster-600x686Just a couple of weeks ago one of the greatest authors to have ever lived passed away far far too soon, after battling a disease that must have been like the stuff of nightmares. Terry Pratchett opened my eyes in regards to fiction. Before Pratchett I was a staunch Enid Blyton reader but Pratchett exposed a whole ream of fictional genres that I’d never touched on before.

This brings me to his last offering for us all. OK some of you may already know about this but I just found out so let me just enjoy it. I had genuinely expected him to stop at ‘Raising Steam’ and take a well-deserved retirement but he left us with one last glimpse of his incredible universe to enjoy.

‘The Shepherd’s Crown’ will be the last Discworld novel and the fifth in the Tiffany Aching series (genuinely my favourite, closely seconded by the watch) and it’s due out later this year. You can check here, here, and here for confirmation. I simply cannot wait, Tiffany Aching is one of the best girl characters I’ve ever read and if you aren’t familiar with her adventures you really should get ‘The Wee Free Men’ and get up to speed.

Pratchett was a prolific author and wrote at a pace that inspires and terrifies me. Every author of my generation owes him a debt. We grew up with the Nomes, Johnny Maxwell, and the Carpet People and we ventured into the monstrous, hilarious, and tragic wonder of the Discworld, being exposed to fantasy, crime fiction, love stories, high-end philosophy, and most importantly a rich array of the wonderful and terrible things that humanity has to offer.

When ‘The Shepherd’s Crown’ comes out don’t expect to hear from me until I’ve finished reading. Feel free to share your Terry Pratchett memories in the comments below. As always thanks for reading, cheers, John

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