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Artist/Illustrator wanted!

artists-wantedOK I’m having to bite the bullet here. I only have a couple of weeks left before ‘Jack Reusen and the Spark of Dreams’ is coming out and I still don’t have a cover. I’ve been contacting a lot of artists on deviant art and other similar websites who seem to specialise in fantasy characters and scenery but none have replied so here I am putting out an open call for anyone who can create images like these (especially the middle one):


I’d like to lay out the cover something like Garth Nix’s ‘Keys to the kingdom’ books with an interesting but uncomplicated central illustration framed by maybe leaves or a bedroom wall (Nix has a clock face). That would leave plenty room for front cover text, and the back cover could just be leaves or wallpaper which should make it easy to write the blurb on there and add an isbn number. Here’s what Nix’s books look like:

wpid-imag1419_burst002.jpgMy request is as simple as that, I don’t have much of a budget to spend at the moment, the books are self-published so currently all costs are coming straight out of my pocket. In some regards I’m looking for someone in a position like myself who likes to think they do a good job at their craft but who hasn’t hit a point yet where they can do it professionally, full time.

If you might be interested in beginning a working relationship that might allow us to showcase each other’s work then please comment below (or go to the Jack Reusen accounts on twitter or facebook) and we can discuss what might work for both of us. All the best, John