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Is there a word for things that stop being cliche?

wonderful-life‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is apparently always on at Christmas but to be honest I’ve only seen the film about two or three times in my whole life. There’s an idea going around that things like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and other classics are on too much. It’s not unusual for people to call what I’d call ‘traditions’ cliche.

Recently they showed ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in a one night only event at our local theatre, mini cinema, and all round entertainment venue; the Strathearn Artspace. I didn’t make it along to their showing (sick kids etc.) but it put me in the notion for it so I hunted down a streaming copy (found it on Netflix) and watched it a few days later.

It was better than I remembered, and far from cliche. It got me wondering whether, especially at Christmas, there’s maybe a shelf life to things being ‘cliche’.

Is there a set time period between something being repetitive and it becoming traditional? I haven’t seen ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ very many times but there are couple of films that I always associate with Christmas.

‘Elf’ only came out in 2003 but thirteen years seems to have made it pretty traditional for me. ‘Love Actually’ rolled out in 2003 too and I still enjoy it plenty at Christmas.

Maybe I’m a bit of a sentimentalist, maybe I pop on some blinkers at this time of year, but I like a bit of cheese. In fact I’m even pretty partial to some singing Santa decorations scattered around the house.

Are you a sucker for any Christmas ‘cliches’? What film/movie makes you instantly think of Christmas?

Feel free to share in the comments either here, over on facebook, or you can even tweet about it (if you’re into that sort of thing 😉 ). As always, thanks for reading, and merry Christmas folks 🙂