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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, Sci-fi or Fantasy?

Star_Wars_The_Force_AwakensThis isn’t really a ‘bookish’ post but still, I’m going with the idea that there’s still enough of ‘fantasy’ theme to warrant talking about the up and coming new Star Wars movie. To be honest that’s what I really wanted to talk about anyway; ‘Star Wars’ is one of those unique works of fiction that bridge the gap between fantasy and sci-fi. Personally I’ve always seen it as a fantasy series set in space and to be honest that’s probably why I got a little less enjoyment out of the prequels.

For me the joy of the original trilogy came from watching magic and raw wits beat a totalitarian foe with alarmingly superior technology and mind-blowing numbers in their favour (the force is magic in my eyes, all the midiclorians stuff they added in the prequels was interesting but it kind of kills stone dead almost everything that’s interesting about the Jedi).

Considering the fact that George Lucas clearly thought of his work as a space opera/some kind of epic sci-fi series (if he didn’t I’m not sure how to explain the plot and style of the prequels) and so in his absence I can’t help but wonder what direction the new trilogy will take; will we see yet more sci-fi or will Disney re-inject some magic into the franchise and allow the fantasy elements to shine through once more? (By the way I’m not downing sci-fi, I love Star Trek, Andromeda, and Stargate SG1, though the the last one once again bridges the sci-fi-fantasy divide)

OK so this is probably one of the shortest posts I’ve done on here, and we won’t get a definitive answer for a good four months. All the same I’d love to know if other people have the same feelings about Star Wars: Is it a fantasy movie set in space? Did the prequels lose sight of that? and do you think Disney will be able to set it back on course (was it ever off course in your eyes)?

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Oh and this was a lot of fun to watch, thought I’d share it here: