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Where building and storytelling meet 

Let me introduce you to the Lego ideas pop up book; a proposed Lego concept designed by Grant Davis and Jason Allemann. I posted a link to this on the Facebook page a few days ago but I thought it would be worth a wee blog post too.

Lego has always given kids a chance to stretch their imaginations but the story element appeals in a way I hadn’t considered before. 

With a pop-up book and Lego in one item it’s like an invitation to develop a story and step into the world of books. What’s more it’s also a refreshing step away from tie-ins with TV shows and movies.

Don’t get me wrong; my kids watch their share of TV, movies, and YouTube videos. However this doesn’t disrupt their enjoyment of a good book or an immersive hour with a box of Lego, so it’s nice to see a Lego set that takes this into account.

Lego have some amazing tie-in sets with characters from movies and TV shows (we have a few ourselves) but there’s something special about this proposed set. It’s innovative whilst feeling traditional and offers a great source of inspiration for young story tellers.

Lego ideas is a site run by Lego that lets people vote for the sets they’d like to see in stores. If you like the look of this one, and would like to be able to buy it as a set one day, you can vote for it here. (and no I’m not affiliated with the designers in any way).

What would you put in your pop-up Lego book? What type of book was your favourite as a kid?

As always thanks for reading, all the best, John

Off to ‘Elsewhere’

I won’t be blogging tonight, firstly because I’ve got loads of prep to do for my talk tomorrow, but also because I’m heading down with the family to see this:

If you’re in the Crieff area they’re hosting shows in Mungal park (part of MacRosty park, you get to it by crossing the bridge). Shows are at 6pm 21st Aug (tonight) and then at 2pm and 5:30pm on Saturday (22nd) and the same times (2pm and 5:30pm) on Sunday (23rd). OK I’m off to the show, hope to see some of you there, all the best, John