February will be Jack Reusen Writathon Month

Writing with pen on paperIn February I’ll be back to my daily writing totals from Nanowrimo because I’ve come to realise that the only way this whole writing business is going to work is if I actually, you know, write.

My final edit is almost done (something like a chapter and a bit left), all I can do is apologise for how long its taking and take on board what I’m learning for the other books I’ll be releasing this year.

Book two has four chapters drafted, I’ve planned out most of the plot and only one or two new characters will be joining Jack and the gang for this one (so not too much work to do there). It would be easy for me to get complacent with this, after all I’ve said that ‘Jack Reusen and the Spark of Dreams’ will be out in April. Just now that feels like a long while away but I can’t take that for granted.

I need to remember all these little mistakes I’ve made in scheduling the release of ‘Jack Reusen and the Fey Flame’. To be honest this post is as much for me as it is for you, it should hopefully stand as a reminder for me to leave a lot more time for revisions and cover design in future.

‘Jack Reusen and the Spark of Dreams’ will be out in April, I’ll be releasing another Jack Reusen book in September, and a mini book for Christmas (about 8 to 10 chapters). Keeping all of this in mind I should really be working on this solidly. That’s why I’ve decided that February is Jack Reusen month for me, just like I did with Nanowrimo I’ll be setting myself daily targets. As I go along I’ll blog about my progress and possibly even include the odd wee spoiler on here (really really minor ones mind you, I can’t let too much slip).

To anyone still waiting for the first book’s release, it is coming, slowly but surely, I promise it will be here soon. It will be out on kindle first. This is simply because I’ll need to figure out a lot of bits and pieces with the printers for the print edition, but I can handle putting together the digital edition myself.

To put a fire under my tail I’ll put out a deadline just now (I work well with deadlines) so I’ll say that the digital edition will, at the latest, be out next Saturday (24th January) and the print edition will be available just under two weeks later (provided all goes well with the printers) on Thursday the 5th February.

All the best, thanks for popping by and I’ll introduce you properly to Jack in just over a week, Cheers, John

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