Almost There!

Winner-2014-Twitter-ProfileThe drafting is complete, visual edits are done, main preliminary work on the cover is finished (though still not finalised). The process that began with National Novel writing Month is almost complete. I’ll be at work today so there’s less time for me to finalise things but I’m pretty sure we’ll be ready to launch the kindle edition this evening/ later tonight.

This has been a strange process, editing a fiction book is new to me (I’ve written non-fiction before). The main issue, surprisingly, came from my main ‘beta tester’. I’d joked about it, but actually having a six year old listen to the story was one of the most important editing decisions I made.

Characters that I didn’t think were all that significant gained a special place in my son’s heart, while scenes that I thought offered comfort and stability made him yearn for the excitement of the action scenes.

I really feel that the balance is right now but if it hadn’t been for Logan, giving me input with an honesty only a six year old could deliver, the book would have looked very different.

As I said, the digital edition of ‘Jack Reusen and the Fey Flame’ should be live tonight and I’m really excited to see how people feel about it. Work on the next two books has already begun but as my previous post said, February will see my writing go into overdrive.

I hope you all enjoy the book and I welcome any feedback that people have. Jack’s adventures are an ongoing project and I want to make the books the best they can be. All the best, thanks for reading, Cheers, John

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