I’ve been away. They didn’t have wifi and that was OK 😉 For a solid week I’ve lacked access to social media, blog data, e-mail, and even Google (!).

Out of all of these I have to admit it was toughest living without Google (and all the doors it opens). Wikipedia has become a fond yet distant memory and when my son asked how big basking sharks were I had to fall back on a phrase few of us use any more: ‘I don’t know’. (Luckily an RSPB station on the island had brochures with all the basking shark information we needed).

‘I don’t know’ felt genuinely unusual and it made me realise that my kids have been growing up in an environment that’s massively different from the one I grew up in. Information is literally at their fingertips; a host of encyclopedias, ‘how to’ guides, and other sources of knowledge are their’s to access whenever they want (unless of course they lose their Internet connection).

What will this generation do with this information? For them the internet isn’t the novelty it was for me. Instead information access will be the norm. What counts as knowledge looks set to change dramatically. Potentially this could lead to a much more intellectually confident generation than we’ve ever seen. What do you think? 

It’s funny what a week without the internet can do. Refreshing, relaxing, but also slightly isolated. I liked my break but it’s good to be back.

As always, thanks for reading, feel free to add your feelings about the internet below. All the best, John 

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