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Welcoming the autumn

Image of Lady Mary’s Walk, Crieff from europealacarte.co.uk

Cooler crisper days. Longer nights. A time to read and a time to write.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see autumn looming. With autumn evenings on the horizon we’re moving into the weirder part of the year, and it seems no coincidence that Halloween is this season’s big event.

I set the Fey Flame at the tail end of Autumn as it seems the most believable time for a tear between our world and something very different.

Because of this my writing feels most at home right now. I can’t wait to grab a warm mug of tea and my old beaten-up netbook and make the most of it.

Is there a time of year (or a time of day even) when you feel most productive? Are you mourning the loss of summer or are you happy to see the nights draw in?

As always thanks for reading, all the best, John