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Book sales

Not my image, click picture for sourceI’ve held back from talking about book sales on here. From reading other writers’ blogs I get the feeling that it isn’t really the done thing. This blog is designed to highlight the world of Jack and his friends so perhaps this isn’t the place for this. However, I’d also like this wee blog to give potential writers a real idea about what it’s like to be a self-published children’s author, so here we go.

So far my book sales have kept me happy. They’re nowhere near providing me with a living yet, but as an incentive to get me to write more they’re really fantastic. This week I’ve sold three books (two hard copies and one kindle edition).

That might not sound like much to some people but given the amount of time I’ve actually been able to put into showing the books off I’m finding this pretty promising.

On top of this I’m being asked more about the books by parents, both whilst picking my kids up from school and while working in the toy shop. I get the feeling that people are actually hearing about the books from parents and children who’ve enjoyed reading ‘…the Fey flame‘. Somehow that feels better than a load of sales gained by a big ad campaign.

If you’re a new or aspiring author and you’ve opted to try the self publishing route expect to get sales in direct relation to the amount of effort you put in to getting your book known, and to the reception that your book gets from those who have already read it. I always notice a jump in sales when I do a book talk, show it off on twitter a bit, or simply when (like the other day) someone is good enough to tell others that they’re enjoying Jack’s world.

If anyone reading this would like to know more about what’s involved in the early stages of a self published book feel free to leave questions in the comments section and I’ll give you feedback on my own experiences.

Of course I also welcome comments from anyone who is in the same boat as me or even people a few steps beyond this point. It’s always good to hear how other writers deal with getting their book known. As always, thanks for dropping by, and don’t forget to follow the Jack Reusen account on twitter, or alternatively you can like the official page on Facebook to be kept up to date about the books. All the best, John